Meet the Team

Zain Al Rayes
Secretary General

"XV family I hope I made you proud"

Rawan AlKooheji
DSG - Events

"سلموا عل ربع"

Dareen Abu Rumman
DSG - Body

"tomato face"

Feras Al Mudawib
DSG - Councils

"If I got a dinar for every time I suggested something stupid i’d be a millionaire."

Leen AbuHassan
Documenting Officer

“Dressing up: Best part of it all”

Ahmad Ayman

"I prefer an E instead of the A"

Fatima Al Kuwari

"kill them with kindness"

Abdulla Khalaf
Head of Delegates

"اذكر الله"

Lara Al Suwaidi
Head of Delegates

"I’m not a procrastinator I’m just really skilled at completing unnecessary tasks and leaving essential things for the future me to worry about"

Yusuf Al Nashwan
Head of Runners

"I will make you faster than Usain Bolt"

Sultan Al Khalifa
Head of Press

"el7aya 7ilwa"

Abdulaziz Al Khalifa
Head Of Events

"Elevating event experiences."    -Alliteration

Lateefa Al Doseri
Head Of Events

"Everybody wanna know what I would do if I didn’t win. I guess we’ll never know" - Kanye West

Maryam Al Bastaki
Head of PR

"slmw 3l ahl"

Lateefa Al Sadeh
Head Of Logistics

"3balhum ga3da 3la knz"

Fatima A. Rasool
President Of General Assembely

"A little nervous breakdown can really work wonders for a girl" - Rory Gilmore

Nora Yousif
Head of Councils

"القلم ما بزيل بلم"

Lulwa Al Binfalah
Head of Chairs

“I want to be great or nothing” -Louisa May Alcott

Isa Almajed
Head of Arabic

بيجهزون الكونسلس جريب - عيسى الماجد

Faisal Al Khalifa
Head of IT

“Veni, vidi, vici” - Julius Caesar

Nasser Alajman
Head Of Security

Scholarships- Drake & Future

Mohammed Alrayes
Head Of Security

"dont worry be happy"