A Demilitarized Zone

Hello, Dana BaniHammad here! BayMUN XIII’s Secretary General. Despite having 19 MUN experiences that range from being a delegate, chairperson and a DSG, I can guarantee you that none were the same. Looking back at my first conference I refused to participate until the chairperson picked my chair up and put it in the center of the council. Months later, I found myself being an avid MUN participant, and nothing compared to the passion I felt while debating. Read More...

The Bayan MUN community has helped pave my future goals and aspirations, it shaped me into the leader I am today. It planted the beauty of being diplomatic, forming international relations, and being mindful of the changes occurring worldwide within me. It also left me with the desire and need to alert the youth and future generations of the challenges that pose a threat to our world and push them towards being striking examples of what we as Bahraini youth are capable of.
With that being said, I ask of you all to continue being the change you wish to see in the world, to unite and come together as one in the face of conflict, and most importantly, to let humanity be your greatest armor.
فنحن التغيير والتغيير يبدأ معنا

Dana BaniHammad

— BayMUN XIII Secretary General


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