A Wrinkle in Time

I’m Salman Awachi the Secretary General of BayMUN XI/XII and a long supporter of the MUN program. I have gone through almost 14 MUN experiences and 4 of them being a BayMUN. I have been a delegate, chair, and a SG.
Each experience has been more insightful and meaningful than the next. It helped me progress and develop as a person as well as become an informed citizen of the world. The impact of the Bayan MUN conference on me is still an ongoing process as the development in character I’ve had all stems from it. I owe a lot to the thrives and horizons that have been opened up for me just by being a part of BayMUN. Read More...

I hope that anyone who has the opportunity to join a BayMUN conference to not let it go to waste - it is truly an eye-opening experience.
Thank you!

Salman Awachi

— BayMUN XII Secretary General

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